Digital Marketing

Most customers start their purchase long before they come into your storefront. Instead, customers are spending time researching options, pricing, and companies from their smartphone or computer. They are making decisions from Facebook recommendations and Google searches.

Are you reaching your customers in the digital world?

Small business owners are often unaware of how to navigate the world of online presence and opportunity. Fortunately, the team at Search SEO Nashville is ready to build your digital presence – from scratch or from where you left off – and maintain it monthly.

Our services are streamlined and ready to give your company a digital presence that will drive searchers to your site. Monthly services can include:

– Website Design

– Search Engine Optimization

– Email Marketing Campaigns

– Content Writing and Blog Posts

– Pay Per Click Advertising

– Social Media Management

When working together and with a consistent message, these services can propel your business forward, bringing in more customers and inquiries via online referrals. Even better, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the momentum. Our monthly service fee includes maintenance that consistently establishes and enhances your digital presence.

Poor websites and mismanaged Facebook feeds communicate more to your customers than your storefront. Don’t be left behind or lose business because you want to attempt to create your own website or content; instead, focus your energy on doing what you do best – running your business. Let us do what we do better than any boutique digital agency in the area – create a digital footprint for your company that will become a part of your comprehensive marketing plan.

Getting started with our services is easier than you think, and it’s much more personalized than you might expect. We want your business to succeed, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Even with the best templates or software systems, well-intentioned business owners often make critical mistakes that can negatively affect online customer leads. Our Search SEO Nashville team knows the pitfalls of a website that isn’t easy to navigate, doesn’t have easily accessible contact information, or simply says too much. Our designers make websites that are engaging, active, and an expression of the business.

Beyond web design that is engaging and beautiful, our designers take care to optimize your site for search engine queries from the very beginning of the process. We know that even the most beautiful web design doesn’t mean anything if Google or the customers never find it. Our team codes the design to increase search engine hits over time, and without negatively affecting the aesthetic of the website.

If you need your website built from scratch, we will start by getting to know you and your business. As we work together to find your online marketing voice and presence, we will build the site preview based on your preferences and existing marketing materials. You will be involved with the process, seeing the design and giving feedback or edits before anything goes live online.

If your company already has a website that you don’t love, or that you feel isn’t as effective as it could be, we are ready to help enhance your design and optimization. Again, we will work closely with you to get to know your business mission and goals, before beginning to work on your site. You’ll love seeing your new website and rolling it out to your customers.

Don’t be overwhelmed by attempting to design your own website. Let us build a site designed to showcase your business.

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