4 Must-Know Local SEO Steps

A solid SEO strategy is a must for small, local businesses in Nashville. Online presence and search engine ranking profoundly impact foot traffic, orders, and how many people know about your company in general. Nearly half of all Google searches seek local information, making it even more crucial for local businesses to rank highly in searches. SEO is the best way to get there and get eyes on your business. Below are several lucrative tips for making the most out of search engines and boosting your business.

Tip #1 – Google My Business

Creating an account with Google My Business is one of the best strategies for local SEO. This account is separate from your Business Profile but gives you essentially added management tools. Google’s Business Profiles generate through multiple means, so they’re not always created by the business owner. By creating a Google My Business account, you’ll have access to the management side of the Business Profile. This allows you to do several different things.

Engage With Customers

Reviews matter and you can’t interact with them without a Google My Business account. Once you create the account, you can interact with customers leaving reviews (positive and negative) and work to curate how people perceive your business online.

Tip #2 – Updated Information

Uncertainty and incorrect information drive customers away. Check that your business location, hours, and contact numbers are correct on all of your pages. Double-check any social media, Google My Business, other search engines, and anywhere potential customers look for your business. Aim for consistency and accuracy with your NAP (name, address, and phone number). This is a critical step for local SEO, as 50% of customers visit a store within a day of their search.

Tip #3 – Optimize

Optimize all of your pages, whether it’s social media, business pages, or your website. Figure out the high-volume keywords, including location-specific ones, and include them in titles, headers, meta tags, and content. There are plenty of keyword tools and planners online to point you in the right direction.

Tip #4 – Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of searches happen on mobile phones. Make sure your business website and pages are easy to navigate on mobile, especially because those customers may be walking through your doors in mere minutes if they get the information they need!

Final Thoughts

These tips scratch the surface of local SEO, but they’re the perfect place to start. Contact Search SEO Nashville to get your information in front of the people most likely to patronize your business!

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Andrew Sansardo

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